ID Home is a new, direct and functional way to have all that you aspire to transform your house or apartment without breaking walls. Within this philosophy, we offer you creative and customized solutions that meet your time, budget and style. With a short outsourced hand labor system, you can obtain full control of purchases, deliveries and facilities in minimum time. We are responsible for all activities, from concept development to final delivery of the property. We also offer a delivery concierge service, so you can literally feel at home from the very first moment.
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How Does It Work?

You send us the floor plan or we create it, together with photos and description of intentions for each room.

We schedule a physical meeting to understand your style. Through images of references and inspirations we will form the concept.

After understanding your wishes, your style and your needs, we will present our proposal for each environment through a layout floor plan and Mood Board.

We accompany you to specialized stores for furniture, design and lamps, antique shops, coatings and housewares. Included 4 day-outings up to 5 hours.

We will schedule and follow up all deliveries, installations and assemblies in Miami.

What Do You Receive?

  • Concept Presentation.
  • Floor Plant in scale with layout and identification of each item.
  • Mood Board with all the items suggested for each room.
  • Worksheet with the specifications and values of all suggested items.
  • Samples of fabric, colors and finishes if necessary.
  • Monitoring the purchase of all items specified in real or virtual stores.
  • Receiving and monitoring deliveries, installations and assemblies in Miami.