ID Plus is a service that integrates the solutions for interior architecture, constructions and renovations for residence, commerce and services. Always seeking to go beyond the expectations of our customers, we take care of every detail so the intended activity happens as scheduled and we also manage all third parties involved.
We work with experienced and qualified professionals always attending the US laws requirement. The building code in the United States is quite complex, it takes many licenses and permits for virtually all service reform. With security, planning and quality we avoid hassle and bad work surprises.


How Does It Work?

After initial meeting and understanding your needs / expectations, we elaborate a full project proposal for the interior architecture within American standards, with estimated cost for executing the work and under the licenses required by the building code of Miami. We work together with an engineer licensed in the United States and a highly qualified hand labor teams.

How Much Does It Cost?

Contact us.

What Do You Receive?

  • Preliminary Study, Detailed Design, Technical Detailing and MEP when needed.
  • Worksheet with the specifications and values of all the suggested items.
  • Samples of fabrics, colors and finishes when necessary.
  • Monitoring the purchase of all items specified in real or virtual stores.
  • Receiving and monitoring deliveries, installations and assemblies in Miami.